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Application process

Undergo competitive selection

 Upon arrival to Saratov you should submit the full package of documents to Admission board (1st floor, room 8)

 During the admission period before you can consult Conservatoire teachers and get their recommendations on the program you are going to perform at the entrance exam.

 Entrance exams are held according to the schedule you can get at the Admission board (1st floor, room 8)

 Before the entrance exam you should sign Examination form also available at the Admission board (1st floor, room 8)

 Results of entrance exams are posted on the Conservatoire site within 24 hours after the exam.

 Applicants for Bachelor course take 4 exams: Specialty, Interview (Colloquium), the Russian language and Literature. Applicants for Master course take 2 exams: Specialty and Interview (Colloquium). Applicants for Post-Graduate Performing course take 3 exams: Specialty, Philosophy and the Russian Language

The audition will take the following format:

In the Audition

You should prepare three items of your choice in contrasting styles and moods. Two items should be in languages foreign to you and of classical repertoire. Following a review of our auditions processes, Vocal auditions will now run in one round, and not two, for 2018 entry onwards, in line with the auditions processes of our other instruments. You will receive an email detailing your schedule for the day, which will include a warm-up time, tour, and written paper where applicable.

You may be required to take a short sight-reading test and/or improvisation test.

BMus applicants must sit a 20-minute musicianship test, designed to test their aural skills. Please note that past papers are not available.

All Masters applicants will be required to take a 30-minute written test, to include a critical commentary on a piece of prose. Please note past papers are not available. Alongside this MA and MMus 1 Year Intensive applicants are also required to bring with them to the auditions a recent (within the last 12 months) piece of academic writing (2,000-5,000 words) with appropriate referencing on any music or music-related topic.