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Vice Rector for International and Scientific Work

Polozova Irina Victorovna

Doctor of Arts, Professor

Теl. (845-2) 23-07-26 e-mail: naukasgk@inbox.ru

Leading Specialist

Grigorieva Natalia Sergeevna

Теl. (845-2) 23-07-26;

e-mail: surenko@yandex.ru

Saratov Conservatoire develops links with numerous international organizations and educational establishments abroad. There have been signed agreements on creative and scientific cooperation with Belorussia State Academy of Music (Minsk), Barcelona International Musical Academy (Spain), S. Giacomantonio Conservatoire (Cosenza, Italy), Kosta Manoilovich School of Music (Serbia), Ibin Music Institute (Sichuan, China).

Saratov Conservatoire organizes and takes active part in various international creative projects (festivals, competitions, concerts, master classes, lectures, students’ and teachers’ exchanges) and scientific researches (scientific conferences, publications, etc)

Saratov Conservatoire offers foreign students a wide range of academic programmes on Bachelor and Master Degree levels as well opportunity to take Post Graduate Performance Course, Preparatory Course and Special Training Non-degree Course in vocal and instrumental performance.

During a 2 terms Preparatory course students have an opportunity to study Russian, sol fa, take individual specialty classes and PE classes, attend various concerts held in the Conservatoire and participate in them. Students are offered a stay in the Conservatoire hostel for the period of the Preparatory course.