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Life conditions

We hope the following information will be interesting and helpful for those who have already made up
their mind to come to study to Saratov or are still thinking about it.

Some facts about Saratov
Saratov is a medium size Russian city with population of about 845000 people. It was founded in 1590 on
the high right bank of the great Russian river Volga. The city is proud that the first conservatoire in
provincial Russia was opened here in 1912 (by that time there were only 2 conservatoires in Russia, in St.
Petersburg and in Moscow). The first Russian permanent circus was also built in Saratov by the Nikitins
brothers. Saratov public picture gallery was opened 7 years before the famous Tretyakov Gallery in
Moscow. There are 4 theaters, philharmonics, several museums and a lot of beautiful historical buildings
in the city. Many national and international festivals and competitions are held in Saratov: Sobinov
Musical Festival, International Competition “The Princess of Circus”, International Cello competition
named after S. Knushevitsky, International Neuhaus Piano competition, All-Russia Folk Performers
Competition named after I. Panitsky, All-Russia Piano Competition named after S. Benditsky, All-Russia
Choral Competition “Choral Province”, All-Russia Nikitanov Wind Competition, All-Russia Composers
Competition named after A. Schnittke, All-Russia Violin competition named after N. Goldenberg.

Saratov is situated in the central part of Russia, in moderately continental climate zone with hot summers
and long cold winters. Summer is usually rather dry and hot with average temperature about 25degrees C.
Winter is usually long and lasts from November through March. Temperature ranges from 0 to -20
degrees C. Fortunately extremely cold periods a rather short. Students are recommended to take warm
clothes (warm coats, hats, scarves, boots, and gloves)

Foreign students are accommodated in Hostel №1 situated in the very yard of the Conservatoire.
Accommodation fee is 1400 rub (about 26$) per month. It can be paid per month, per term or you can pay
a year stay at once.
Currency and Prices
National Russian currency is Russian ruble. Approximate ruble exchange rate is changeable. At the
beginning of 2018 it was following:
1 USD - 56,65 rub
1 EUR – 70,51 rub 
1 GBP – 79,93 rub 

All payments in Russia are made in rubles. Currency can be exchanged in any bank. International cards
are accepted everywhere. Money from abroad can be received by card transfer or through Western Union.
For purchases in Russia it is recommended to get student bank card. Besides it is recommended to get
Voluntary health insurance policy (VHI).  Average monthly expenses in Saratov are about 15000 rub (270 $)

Free time
Students’ life in Conservatoire is rich and various. You will be able to attend concerts, take part in
different scientific conferences, musical competitions and sport events, keep fit and practice swimming,
badminton and other sports.

The Conservatoire and Hostel №1 are located in the very centre of Saratov (The map)

 Shops, banks, theatres, museums and many other important places are within walking distance.

It will help you to save transport costs. Transport charge is 17 or 18 rub depending on the means of

If you still have questions see FAQ’s and don’t hesitate to contact us!