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Medical care

You can obtain a medical certificate in your home country. The most important thing is that it must be valid in Russia (translated and certified) and meet the requirements of the Conservatoire.

In Russia, healthcare is provided by the state and by private companies. You need a health insurance policy in order to be treated at state hospitals and health centres, including student clinics. Private clinics admit patients without insurance as long as they cover their own expenses.

Only first aid and emergency medical care is available to foreign citizens in Russia free of charge.

First aid

First aid in case of emergency (accidents, injuries, intoxication and other) is rendered by police officers, military officers, fire and rescue service workers and other appropriately trained individuals.

Emergency medical care

Emergency medical care in cases of immediate threat to life and health (accidents, injuries, intoxication and other) is provided by officers of public healthcare institutions (doctors stabilise the patient’s condition and further treatment is possible only with a valid policy or payment of expenses).

All other types of medical services are rendered on a fee-paying basis. To receive these services, international students must obtain insurance covering routine treatment including check-ups, tests, prescriptions and specialist consultations.

Voluntary health insurance policy

International students typically come to Russia for quite a long period (from one term to 4-5 years) which is why an ordinary travel health insurance policy from their country of origin is unsuitable. This type of insurance policy is not valid in the majority of Russian hospitals and under such a policy the patient often has to pay for the treatment themselves and apply for a refund from the insurance company only once they have returned home. This is very inconvenient  for students who are studying abroad.

Upon arrival in Russia you need to purchase a voluntary health insurance (VHI) policy, which covers the minimum of medical services required by Russian law (including out-patient and in-patient care, hospitalisation and transportation) and is accepted at  Saratov clinics and hospitals. In this case, you will not be required to pay to see a doctor as it would be sufficient to present your student ID card (or passport) and your policy.

According to the Russian law effective since 2016, foreigners have been required to take out health insurance immediately upon arrival in Russia.

How much does a VHI policy cost?

In 2017 Russian insurance companies offered Saratov students VHI policies for 4200 roubles per year, 2970 per 6 months, 1680 per 3 months.

What documents are required to arrange a VHI policy?

A passport and a migration card are required.