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Meeting of student Science-art society (SSAS)

The meeting of Student Science-Art Society (SSAS) of Music Theory and Composition Department was held on 15th November. The scientific conference “Dedicated to 100th anniversary of V.V. Kovalev” was organized by students of Saratov conservatoire within the frame of project “The year of a composer”.

The conference opened with a film about Saratov composer Victor Vladimirovich Kovalev created by teachers of Children’s Art school №23 named after V.V. Kovalev. Pieces of Kovalev that were used in the film created a warm and emotional atmosphere. 

Conservatoire students performed Kovalev’s music and told about his creative life. Composer’s widow N.F. Kovaleva, his classmate T.I. Nadezdinskaya and one of his pupils N.V. Ivanova shared their memories of Victor Vladimirovich. A fragment of ballet-oratorio “The poem about the Volga” (the author’s record made in 1960) closed the meeting. All the present enjoyed a lively and informal atmosphere of the evening.

The leader of conference was a Professor of Music Theory and Composition Department, the organizer and curator of the project “The year of a composer” Natalia Vladimirovna Ivanova.

Music Theory and Composition department expresses gratitude to Conservatoire teachers (Prof. A.V. Tarasova, Assistant Prof. Z.A. Rozdestvenskaya, I.A. Statnik) and Musical College teachers (N.K. Potemkina, A.V. Latzkova) for their help in preparing students’ performances.

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