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107th anniversary of Saratov Conservatoire

It was decided to celebrate 107th anniversary of Saratov Conservatoire with a great Music Marathon: everyone could listen to music at the Conservatoire 26 hours “nonstop”. The Marathon started with the concert of masters. The People’s Artist of USSR Leonid Smetannikov, People’s Artists of Russia Albert Tarakanov, Victor Grigoriev, Rimma Belyakova and Elena Sapogova, Honored Artists of Russia Sergei Nesterov and Boris Aron performed for audience.

Marathon continued with a concert of sacred music performed by Saratov Archbishop’s Choir directed by Alexander Zanorin. Program of night performances included concerts “The organ with candlelight” and “Music for the one”. Ensembles “Alienor” and “The new music theater” presented their compositions. Young scientist and composer Vadim Genin gave a lecture on the theme “Science and music: how do the numbers sound”. Though it was very late Saratovites showed great interest in format of this unusual event.

In the morning ensemble of percussion instruments “Crash Band”, folk ensemble “Lel” and instrumental ensemble “Bright light” cheered up the audience. The afternoon concerts continued with performances of conservatoire teachers and students. The Marathon finished with a gala-concert of Students’ Symphony Orchestra under Michail Myasnikov and the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments under Kirill Ershov.

To find more photos, please, follow the link: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/44Bo/2Q7McDQHr


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