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Foreign students of Saratov conservatoire on the days of Bashkiria

On 28th September Russian and foreign students of Conservatoire took part in Days of Bashkiria held in Saratov region from 24th to 28th September and dedicated to 100th anniversary of Bashkiria. Organizers of the festival presented an authentic Bashkir yurta (felt house) with national arms, clothes and dishes, an exhibition Bashkortastan Republic National Museum, national instruments, women’s jewelry, books and publishing production. The festival culminated in a ceremonial event participated by Minister of Home Policy of Saratov Region N.V. Troshina, Vice Minister of Education of Bashkortastan Republic A.Z. Galiev and other ranked representatives of The Head of Bashkortastan Republic Administration and Administration of Saratov Region. The Days of Bashkiria closed with a concert performed by the best artists of Bashkiria. Students of Saratov Conservatoire enjoyed participating in this great picturesque event

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