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Scientific and Practical Conference of Chinese students

The first Scientific and Practical Conference “Issues of performance and teaching in the aspect of Russian and Chinese piano performance art integration” was held in Saratov State Conservatoire on December, 7th. Students and PhD-course students from China took part in it.

Chinese students presented their reports in the fields of theory and history of performing and musical pedagogic. First the participants spoke about interpretation and methods of Western music performance. The second part of the conference was dedicated to issues of Chinese musical culture and education. Students staying in China due to pandemic joined the conference through zoom-platform.

We thank organizers and scientific directors (I. Polozova, O. Kijowski, A. Tarakanov, I, Khrulkova, A. Vinichenko, T. Safonova, N. Kireeva, E. Vinogradova) and participants of the conference (Hu Xiaoyun, Zhang Fangshuo, Xu Luyuwei, Chen Jinbo, Huo Yingrui, Lou Yuxin, Wang Mu, Wang Jun, Li Lu, Wang Hanfei, Wang Yingting).

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