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Master-classes online

A series of online master-classes for foreign partners started in Saratov State Conservatoire this spring. First was the piano master-class held by Assistant Professor Zhanna Nazaryants for Palestine Edward Said National Conservatoire (translated by Natalia Grigoreva).

It was the Palestine Conservatoire request to hold piano master-class for first level students. Piano teacher Rinan Rishmawi presented her students Muhammad Ali Qawasmeh, Mark Qawas and Natalie Abu. They performed pieces of L. Beethoven and F. Chopin. Some aspects of performance technique caused difficulties for children, that is why Zh. Nazaryants recommended several special exercises that will help students achieve the desired quality of sound.

The master-class was held in English and was highly appreciated by Palestine colleagues. It is worth noting that the initiative of the Saratov Conservatory to hold online workshops interested not only Palestinian but by Turkish partners as well.

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