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About conservatoire

The Saratov State Conservatoire named after an outstanding Russian tenor Leonid Sobinov educates and trains professional musicians and theatre artists. It was founded in 1912 and was the third in Russia - after the Conservatoires in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The 100th-anniversary celebration of its opening was full of great concerts and performances, characterized by a unique atmosphere of creativity. 

The Saratov Conservatoire ranks among the oldest music schools in Russia. Among the Conservatoire graduates there are many renowned musicians, laureates of national and international competitions. They easily secure jobs in the best symphonic, philharmonic, opera orchestras, theatres, perform as soloists for the prestigious stages. Our graduates work as conductors, singers, pianists, organists, string and wind players, symphony and folk orchestra instruments performers, composers and musicologists. Quite a number of them are professors of the Conservatoire who combine their teaching and performing activity.

The unique tradition coupled with contemporary approach and professional mastery has made the Saratov Conservatoire an attractive educational institution for generations of students. Continuing the tradition of the Russian musical education, they work as teachers for music schools, academies and universities in Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, South Korea and other countries.

The conservatoire maintains cooperation with the largest conservatories and music schools of Italy (Trieste, Kosenza), Kazakhstan (Astana), Belorussia (Minsk), Serbia (Belgrade), Poland (Catowice), Turkey (Burdur), Palestine (Bethlehem), India (Trivandrum), China (Chengdu, Yibin) and is actively involved in international research conferences and master classes both as an organizer and a participant. 

In the course of their studies students of the Saratov Conservatoire perform at school concerts and productions, take part in a number of national and international competitions in which they often win major awards, making the steps in their artistic career. Some of them did a course of internship at the theatres abroad (e.g.in Monaco).

The Saratov Conservatoire has its own symphony, chamber and folk instruments orchestras, band, opera studio orchestra, Academic and Folk Choir, several ensembles as well as a theatre company. They get opportunities to acquire their first international experience touring over Europe. 

The library of the Saratov Conservatoire holds a large amount of sheet music and books on music to be checked out by the Conservatoire students. Scores, piano transcripts of operas, choir sheet music, music course books for particular instruments, chamber sheet music, etudes and the like are accessible there both in printed and electronic form. Besides, one can find a large number of audio recordings - vinyl records, cassettes, CDs and others. The library collections are being processed to gradually transfer the sheet music and records into Internet-based electronic system.

The Conservatoire is located in the center of the city and is housed in a beautiful gothic-styled building that has become the label of the city of Saratov. The hostel is in the yard of the Conservatoire.

There are three concert halls in the Conservatoire: Large Hall, Small Hall, and Theatre Hall.

The Large Hall - with the 469- seat capacity - is one of the most beautiful concert halls in Russia with unique acoustics. Such great musicians as A. Scriabin, S. Prokofiev, V. Horowitz, J. Hofmann, F. Chaliapin, L. Sobinov, S. Rachmaninoff and many others enjoyed performing there. The Hall is equipped with the Organ of the German firm "W. SAUER" (set in 1985), 4 new grand pianos ("YAMAHA", "BLUTHNER", 2 pianos of the firm " STEINWAY") The Hall has an orchestra and balcony and is air-conditioned.